Microsoft Designer Sizzle Video Scenes


Microsoft Designer is an amazing new tool for creators, helping them turn their ideas and creative works into beautiful and shareable content. It empowers them to go beyond their creations and drives them to achieve their professional goals.
Our mission on this project is briefly showing how the app works in a fun and easy way, looking for the right balance between a realistic product UX and the emotional thrill to engage users. We're not in front of a tutorial but rather a motion film that tickles your senses: energetic, slightly upbeat, we want to capture the feeling of the creative process and the sweet energy behind making our imagination come to life.
We recommend you to grab a coffee with a sweet treat to enjoy this delicious project


Directed by NotReal
Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro

3D Design: Danil Tabacari

Artists : Vitor Teixeira, Roberto Juarez, Simon Appel, John Melad,  Valeria Moreiro2D Design: Florencia Porreca, Mercedes Ginzo / Vitor Teixeira, Valeria Moreiro / Sergio Fuego, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Oscar Pettersson, Federico Piccirillo / Martin Muerza, Mauricio Navas / Sergio Fuego / Mauricio Navas / Fabrizio Martini

Client: Microsoft Design
Microsoft Team: Jana Huskey, Derek Johnson, Daniel Varon

Main Scenes

Secondary Scenes


Microsoft Teams chat badge designs.

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Video conference background illustration

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Application load screen illustration

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It's Nice That & Adobe

Editorial Illustration for 3D Skills Report.

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Personal Works

Collection of explorations

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